free rice!

playing solitaire on your computer at work?
wasting time on facebook cause you're bored?

how about feeding the hungry instead?



What a difference a year makes.

In two weeks, my roommates and I will pack up all of our belongings, and dust and scrub our way out of our little piece of paradise on Sullivan's Island. Our year of Island life is rapidly coming to an end, despite our best efforts to prolong it.

These pieces of my heart are scattering across the world. One will head for the mountains of Colorado, one will head for nursing school in the upstate, and one will head across the world to China. (Yes, China). I myself will head for an adorably quaint one bedroom apartment here in Charleston. But although we may not still be there, part of my heart (our hearts) will always belong to Sullivans Island.

I have been incredibly, undoubtedly blessed to have had this chapter in the book of my life, and will look back on it with nothing but joy, appreciation, and most likely longing to return to this time and place of sanctuary. What a difference a year has made. I'm tearing up just thinking about it, and trying to put words with the way I feel about these girls, and the past year as a whole. My life has been enriched beyond description by these roommates, of whom I now call family, and all the other friends I've stumbled upon on this Island in the past year.

I will never doubt the therapeutic benefit of living at the sea, and sitting on a porch where on quiet nights, I can hear the waves across the street. I will also never doubt the therapeutic benefit of coming home to the arms of three beautiful ladies, and perhaps a glass of wine when my day hasn't gone quite as I had expected. Or the (not usually immediate) benefit of staying out way too late on a night I should be sleeping, just to enjoy their company and dance to live bluegrass music at Hometeam.

So for now, I'm heartbroken that the inevitable is catching up with us, and we'll all have to part ways in the no longer distant future. I'll be okay, I know. Like I've said before, in the words of Elizabeth Gilbert, "God never slams a door without opening a box of girl scout cookies..." So I know great things are coming for me, Christin, Kerri, Kelly, and the rest of the ragtag family we've built. This morning on the radio, I heard a verse I've heard a million times... "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not harm you; plans to give you a hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11 Because of this promise, I know the Lord has great plans for all of us, but for now, I'm just a bit gloomy. That's okay, right?