November 16-18: three more i'm thankful for!

November 16: My adorable apartment!
Had some great friends over for a little dinner party tonight - and it reminded me of how thankful I am to have such a perfect little apartment all to myself. I love everything about my humble abode! It's a perfect blessing for this time in my life, to live alone and do what I please....before I have a permanent roommate ;)

November 17: The beauty of pure worship

(Pause the music at the bottom of my blog to watch the video!) I cannot watch this video without crying! Thinking of the gravity of these lyrics, and seeing the pure, uninhibited worship coming from RoseAngela is so powerful. I'm thankful for the gift being able to worship a God who loves us enough to rescue us from the death we deserve!

November 18: Seel's on Sullivans
So many memories have been made here, and on Sunday, they will close their doors for good. From the time Seel's was a tiny hole-in-the-wall off of LongPoint road, my family has loved eating here! Great fried seafood and a fun atmosphere. Then, when they moved to Sullivan's my roommates and I used to love Sunday brunch on the patio and late night dancing to DJ C-nile in Off the Hook. So tonight my family is going for dinner one last time. And I'll be sure to say Thanks Seel's, for giving me so many treasured memories!


November 13-15. Bike Rides, Birthdays and a Band.

November 13: Bike Rides!
I've had my cruiser for a while now (it was a must while living on an island!) and last week, David finally got one too!! So Saturday morning we met up at his house then biked to a little local cafe for brunch! It was a beautiful day, perfect for some outside, fresh air, quality time!

November 14: Birthday Girl Chanell!
I'm thankful for Chanell today, especially since it's her birthday!! Couldn't ask for a better neighbor, best friend, and (perhaps) future sister-in-law!

November 15: Bandmates at LifePark!
not the best picture, but it's the only one with all of us in it!
I'm so thankful for being a part of the Worship Band at LifePark. We have so much fun making music together all to worship Jesus! Every member of the band has a special place in my heart!


November 11: Wisdom of Friends. November 12: Charlie!

November 11: the wisdom of my friends
Lately, I've been seeking a lot of advice from some of the most important [and wise] friends in my life. The beauty of this is that they love me enough to give me un-biased answers. They're not sugar-coating what they think. These are the people who don't care if the truth hurts, they will give me the words I need. So, Kimi, Christin, and Devin, you three mean the world to me!!
Me and Christin
Me and Devin
Me and Kimi
November 12: My Charlie!
Nothing's better than coming home to someone so excited to see me he jumps and dances and kisses me all over. And at night, I can always count on this little stinker to sleep curled up as close as he can get. He loves snuggling, and I love him! I'll never doubt the benefit of having a dog - nothing makes me feel loved and needed quite like him :)
This was the first day I got him! (the date's wrong)

And this is what my little booger looks like now!


November 10: Lunch Dates with Daddy.

If there's a definition of a daddy's girl, I'm it. My daddy is my hero, my role model, and the one I tell anything to. I'm super close with my mom too, but me and my dad operate much more similarly.
There aren't words to describe how much I love my dad. And since he works so close to my house, we usually eat lunch together at least once a week! These little lunches mean the world to me...we had a lunch date today!
at Sissy's Rehearsal Dinner, Dec. 5, 2008


Jumping on the THANKFUL bandwagon!

I've seen on facebook the "Thankfulness Challenge" and thought it was cool. Then I saw it on my sister's blog and decided I want to do it! The challenge is to list something you're thankful for every day in November, leading up to Thanksgiving. I'm a little behind the 8 ball, but I'll catch up by posting 9 today.

November 1: Being a Fraylick. 
I can't express how thankful I am for my family. Maybe it's a southern thing, but we've always been really close, and when I think of my best friends, it's always my family. 

November 2: My High School Sweetheart.
One of these days he might be family too! ;) 

November 3: LifePark.
LifePark has shown me 'Life', after graduating college and wondering "What Comes Next?"
Come with me sometime!

November 4: Girlfriends.
These two know me better than most. I would be REALLY thankful if they still lived in Charleston...

November 5: My creativity.
I love designing, painting, drawing, songwriting, journaling, and even blogging! I'm thankful for these gifts God has given me to be able to express myself!

November 6: Meeting Ellie!
My cousin had her first baby on Friday, Nov. 5....Such a perfect little girl!

November 7: A Cause to Care about.
Today was the walk for raising suicide prevention awareness. I'm thankful for the opportunity, and thankful that so many people supported my "Out of the Darkness" Walk team. 

November 8: My LifeGroup. 
Sharing Life with other people who love the Lord is invaluable to your walk of faith! I've developed friends and relationships that I couldn't find elsewhere. (This is not all of us!)

November 9: My "Baby" Sister - Happy 17th Birthday!
I know I already said family, but I'm especially thankful for her today because it's her birthday!

More Thankfulness to come!!