Come On and we'll sing, like we were free...

(title: Mat Kearney "Nothing Left to Lose" lyrics)

By standards of the world, I should not be in a good mood, but I know it is the Lord in me telling me to be thankful for the beautiful morning he's given me! So for this, I am joyful! I stayed out way too late last night, spent too much money, and overslept by about 45 minutes this morning! (But still made it to work on time!)

Last night I went to see Mat Kearney and Ingrid Michaelson at Music Farm - one of the best shows I've been to in a long time! Mat came out into the audience and stopped right in the middle of me and all my friends...it was too cool! Then, Needtobreathe made a surprise appearance and performed with him...which was awesome, naturally. I love live music so much!

But then, it was getting late and I had work in the morning, so my friends departed for "wet willies" (YIKES!), and I decided to get a cab back to my car. I do believe the cab driver took advantage of my $20 bill, because he said he "didn't have change" for my $7 ride. Hmmm...how do you drive a cab all night, but not have change? I figured it wasn't worth the argument though, so handed him the $20, played dumb, and made his night.

The BEST part of the whole night though, was that I got to spend it with my best friend and roommate from college! Blair and I haven't caught up since graduation, so it was so SO good to see her, and hear what's going on in her life, and to catch her up on mine. I had forgotten how lucky I am to have a best friend in Blair.

Anyways, listen to Mat and Ingrid, and have a GREAT day!
www.matkearney.com - Mat's website
www.ingridmichaelson.com - Ingrid's website


Florida bound.

Off to Florida for David's 25th Birthday! Not the beaches though--

4 wheeling, Fishing, riding a "buggy", and wearing an orange hat because this all takes place on hunting land. I was told I need to find my "Inner Redneck" for this trip.... should be interesting! I am Tim Fraylick's daughter though....so it's gotta be in there somewhere ;)

I'll be SURE to post pictures of this adventure when I return!!


for the record...

...i haven't given up a single dream.

and sometimes, those who matter, do mind.


Remember Me? Yeah, I haven't blogged since JUNE!

eeek. I am embarrassed to even call this my blog anymore! But, hopefully I'll gain some consistency in my crazy-busy life. My roommate challenged me to "create something" once a week and I think that's a challenge I'd love to take. "Creating" a blog counts too, right?

So update since June. I live in an amazing house on Sullivans Island and have fallen in love with the island lifestyle - afternoon golf cart rides, supper on the screened porch, sitting in the sun with my roommates and a cold beer, sunday brunch at the street cafes and running along the beach. Not to mention I'm insanely grateful for three of God's blessings that have come in the form of my three roommates.

I work at MUSC, for the Office of Continuing Medical Education. It's under the umbrella of the Dean's Office for the College of Medicine. Lots of words - but it's a fun job, and I'm thankful to be on salary with benefits!!! I worked at Carolina Girls for a while, doing stationery and printing, which is really where my interest and passion is...but for now, I'm really enjoying MUSC :) Still not giving up on my dream of opening my own store one day!

I've been dating my "high school sweetheart" again - something which I would have never thought possible. To me, it just goes to show God's divinity over our tiny little human desires. He knew 8 years ago that David and I had to grow up - separately - and had things to learn and experience on our own. So, here we are today, crazy about each other as we were then - just a little more mature. I hope we never completely mature though....don't want to be boring! :) So every day is exciting all over again. The way I see it is that we're the lucky ones...we get to fall in love twice! :)

I'm still doing high school ministry at First Baptist - and can't explain how much I learn through these high school girls (and guys!) I have SO much fun goofing off and talking about Jesus with them. Great, great group of kids. I'm also still a part of the worship band - but for LifePark, the new campus of First Baptist. I'm amazed at how this body has grown in the past year! We actually move into our new building this week!! It's going to be amazing.

Enough for now - I'm off to clean house, do laundry, and do some work. (See, life's not all fun & games on an island!)


p. s. but speaking of Creating - this is what I created this weekend - so if you know anyone who needs calligraphy, send them my way!!!