Christmas Extravagan-za

Meet Dave Barnes. Extremely talented, simply hilarious. I discovered his Christmas Extravagan-za videos in college...and This year he put out his 5th video (thank you Wiksells for enlightening me on the newest one!)

The dude is hilarious. Here's the newest one, but parts 1-4 are also on youtube. (You may want to watch this one on you-tube too, because I can't figure out how to get it to fit in my blog right... Click Here)

Not to mention, he's probably at the top of my list as a favorite singer/songwriter. All of his songs are beautifully written with some of the sweetest lyrics I've ever heard!

If you're interested, my favorites are:
Close Your Eyes (For when you feel blue)
Nothing Fancy (amazingly sweet)
Grace's Amazing Hands (so true)
On a Night Like This (there's a great version on YouTube with Hilary Scott from LadyA!)

...well, actually I really do love all of his songs!
Check out his "Brother, Bring the Sun" album first :)

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