I'm still thankful [and a little ashamed...]

Wow! I totally bombed this thankful everyday thing. I haven't updated since what, November 18? Shameful. Haha - but what can I say, life got in the way. But alas! I WILL complete my list :)

November 19: Awanita Valley (pronounced Ah•WAHN•it•ah)
A beautiful youth retreat camp I've been going to for about 10 years now! Every year students get to spend a weekend away in the beautiful foothills of upstate SC and experience a real, powerful, intimate God. This year was my 10th year!

November 20: My Jeep
It's so easy to overlook the everyday convenience of having reliable transportation! I'm thankful for every dent, ding and scratch on Gray, my blue jeep! :)

November 21: Clemson University
I'm thankful for my education, memories, friendships, degree, and everything I learned during that chapter of my life. I'm always proud to wear my purple and orange - even when our football team disappoints!

November 22: My MacBook!
I love my mac. I'll admit - I'm part of the apple cult. I'm not a total apple-junkie though, seeing as how I've never owned an ipod (yes, it's true). But I love everything about my computer. Except the broken disc drive. But that's what I've got applecare for :)

November 23: A Steady Income
My salary is just enough. Not too little to enjoy life, and not too much that it makes me greedy. I can pay all my bills comfortably, and still have some play money - which takes budgeting, but I'm pretty satisfied. I'm blessed. I'm safely in the middle :)

November 24: Facebook
Sounds silly? But just think of how useful it actually is! When you cut down the wasting time (which I do way too much of) think of how much you rely on facebook to get in touch with people whom you may not have their email or phone number? Or to easily share pictures of fun times? Or to just say "hey!". Seriously, what did we do without it. We definitely weren't as social!

I'm thankful for every part of this day! The amazing food, the quality time with my family (both of them!), the turkey-coma nap in the afternoon - and don't forget waking up at 3 am for some Black Friday Shopping!!

Happy {belated} Thanksgiving to all my friends. Blessings!

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